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I’ve recently created my first app for Apple’s iOS, it’s name is Trackpal have a look at the Apple Store.

TrackPal is the indispensable companion for your 4×4 off-road road-book navigation adventures. Featuring two tripmeter/odometers, one for total distance and another one for partial distance with support for metric and imperial units.

TrackPal displays with large font two odometers:

  • Partial distance
  • Total distance

The reset of each individual odometer will require a long press on the “reset” button, this will prevent accidental erase of data over bumpy roads.

TrackPal displays additional information about your current position:

  • Latitude and longitude coordinates using the decimal degree (DD) system
  • Current course in degrees (0-360º)
  • Instant speed

This application uses the GPS on your device in high accuracy mode, the use of high accuracy GPS mode can dramatically decrease battery life, it’s highly recommended the usage of a charging cable with an external power source for continued use (i.e. automotive lighter-plug-12V USB adapter).

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  1. I bought your app today, but the reset buttons don’t work?
    Can you please fix it or give me a refund? It is useless without this function, and I need this functionality for next week.



    • Hello Logan,

      The app has two reset buttons one for each odometer and those buttons don’t immediately reset when pressed, you have to long press each button for a couple of seconds before the corresponding odometer is reset. Hope this helps.

      • Just bought the app; doesnt move a meter…. All settings allowing location access!!! Please help/refund.

        • Hi Nicholas, did you change the “GPS Filter” settings ? I suggest leaving it at the default value of “>10m”.

  2. Olá
    A aplicação conta a velocidade (km/h) mas não mede distância… Nem parcial nem total…
    Se isto não funciona quero devolução do dinheiro pago.

  3. Já descobri o que estava errado…
    O odômetro não funciona se o GPS FILTER estiver com 1m de Accuracy!!!

    • Boa tarde, sim posso considerar isso um “bug” na interface do utilizador..
      Isto porque a accuracy minima que o iOS reporta é de cinco metros. Irei corrigir num próximo update, obrigado por salientar este ponto.

    • If it helps I can make the timeout to accept a reset to be independently customisable for both buttons on the settings screen.

  4. I am glad that someone has finally made a simple and basic trip meter. Can’t wait to use it. I have a couple suggestions for you. Would it be possible to set a specific distance and have the app count down or count up depending on needs? Also have the app work in vertical mode?


  5. Hi
    App is ok – BUT how do you switch it off?
    It continues after I press the home button and even after switching phone off

    • Hi Peter, you should close it like any other app, double tap the home button and swipe away the app from the background running list.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I took a note of it and it maybe incorporated on the next release.

  6. Possible to adjust distance? Sometimes you navigate a little bit wrong. Then it would be great to adjust total distance to the last known distance.
    Typical roadbook navigation.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I took a note of it and it maybe incorporated on the next release.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I took note of it and it maybe incorporated on the next release.

    • Hi, the app can only be as accurate as your actual GPS accuracy (best case scenario should be less than 10m), it solely relies on GPS to get the traveled distance, this means that for instance, if you’re inside a building, no distance tracking is possible.

  7. Excellent App with many uses in Automotive sports. The suggestions for improvement which I agree from above would be very nice to have, and could dramatically improve use.
    A). My # 1 request would be to have a Forward / Reverse (& OFF) switchable setting for ‘off-course’ excursions.
    B). Customize delay setting for RESET (not everyone is Offroad).
    C). Horizontal / Vertical display is a desirable feature.
    D). The ability to turn OFF/ON the ODO in the App w/out closing & quitting = Suspend measurement for a period, added bonus, saves battery.
    E). An optional distance adjustment for roadbook & other use. Enter a predetermined official measurement @ defined point on a course not 0.00
    F). More trip ODOs would be nice. 1-4
    The ability to ‘name’ each a big bonus
    G). Preset a distance for countdown to 0.00 with an alarm has good value.

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