Running LTSpice IV on Linux

Well since I started using Eagle CAD on Linux why not start using the most popular Spice simulator too, to start Linear Technologies only builds binaries for Windows and MacOS but LT Spice IV runs flawlessly within wine. Wine is really getting to a point where it is able to deliver something you can work on a daily basis without getting over-frustrated, the biggest missing part (for me) is a winroot manager, and here is when Play On Linux comes to the rescue allowing you to have a winroot for each emulated program which they call virtual drives.

Play On Linux allows you to automate quirks and ugly hacks that some Windows applications require to be able to run within wine, the list is managed and verified by the POL developers, so if an application is listed the level of confidence that you will not have any issues with it is quite high. LTSpice IV was not one of them.

First I did a manual installation on a new winroot and then I decided to create the installation script. To grab the script just go to Github and download the bash file, I’ve create a forum post for feedback and a new application request at the POL website.

Last but not least.. doing websites is not the strong aspect about the POL team.. the interface is awfully buggy and really not user friendly..

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